Do you like piss, would you show us yourself naked (without any underwear)

That kind of playing is interesting but it really depends on the guy: I don’t have much experience with it. 

Although I probably won’t ever have my whole naked body exposed on here, there’s pictures floating around that may suffice

yo! heard you wanted asks so here i am. so what do you like most about bottoming compared to topping? and what do you like most in a top? sendin love from a fellow bottom cub in aus!

Bottoming just came natural and I felt most comfortable with it. I have tried topping but I get nervous and go soft pretty quickly. I like that feeling of being taken by a big dominant guy and seeing him go wild with my ass.

What I look for in a top varies but usually includes being bigger than me (size or muscularity), older, dominant, experienced. I am most attracted to darker complexion and features as well so that’s a plus

Why can't you top?

Because I’m a natural-born bottom haha

Can we see more pictures of your ass and cock? Or maybe your balls? You are so sexy! How many men have you slept with? What's the biggest penis you've had in your butt?

I don’t think I’ll be posting any more naughty pics but I’m glad you’re interested in seeing more! hehe ;-)

I have only slept with a select few men. I am very picky and don’t do hookups so it had to have meant something

& I don’t know about size of a dick, I’m tight so medium sized feels almost too large haha don’t care about size

Can I rim your ass. I just think it would be so nice ;)

Haha ;-) well I do miss having it done, it’s been a looong time (back in new york)

How are you today? (✿◠‿◠)

I’m doing ok! Horny >.< but that is life! hehe