beard is amazing! keep up the good work on the progress!

Thanks so much - need the motivation, it helps tremendously :3

You are so cute and your super hero underwear is killing me. :)

You’re the cutie and you know it!!! :-)

Oh ok - thanks!! Haha :-)

I love every single part of your music. You have definite gained a fan in me and PLEASE don't stop making more of your glorious sound porn. Thank you!!!

Thank you so much - I work dreadfully hard on that music!!

I am new to your page, so tell me what is the origin of your screen name?

Just a reference to Nightmare Before Christmas + cub (it’s one of my favorite movies)

Good Evening, Tumblr!

Feel free to send me whatever, or ask whatever tonight..

Thanks for all the recent love btw <33

You're fucking perfect. *le sigh*

I’m incredibly flattered hearing this but geeze it’s so damn untrue it’s a little funny lol but thank you :-)

It’s a very sweet thing to say - though untrue. Don’t be jealous because I don’t look as good as I could and see many flaws in myself I am overcoming slowly. I wish you weren’t anonymous so I could message you, but thank you for the compliments

I wanna hold you in my arms.. And never let you go.

Yes yes please :-)