I'm asking you this because I feel like you wont judge me. But yeah, lately I've been talking to this really good looking man, he also really nice. Problem is his 39, and I'm 18.. Even tho I like older men, it's still feel really strange. He probably would want to do something with me, and I kinda want too, but I'm really insecure of my body, and I would probably hate myself even more afterwards. What could I do? Oh, and I'm that same self-esteem anon than last time, if you remember.

First off, I am not sure where you live and I don’t know about the age of consent, is that a legal age? If it is, ignore this. If not, you should not do anything with this man

Second, why are you insecure with your body? This man obviously likes you, though I don’t have the details on how much he has seen of you.

Third, it sounds like you want to do this, but you will regret it afterwards. Why is that?

As long as you see that it is something positive or beneficial, even if it is just sexual, be wary and do what makes you feel comfortable ( like I said as long as it is consensual and legal )

Totally love how your blog is more focused on you. I really want to do the same but it's hard not to reblog stuff I think is awesome. Mean time you're super adorable!!! How's your day going?

Haha thank you very much! And it’s going good! Excited to see Chicago tomorrow :-)

When do we get to see some new ass pics. Would love to see you bent over with what I imagine are big nuts hanging down. :)

No more ass pictures as I wanna focus on my music more but I’m glad you think about that hehe

What was your favourite cartoon growing up?

My favorite when I was pretty young was Sailor Moon (shocker) and then Spongebob

Hi Bryan Did it hurt when you fell from bear heaven??

No because I came from bear Hell ;-) it’s more fun there